P1 DSMR5 Reader


P1 DSMR5 Reader based around Wemos D1 mini.

Available on backorder



Opensource p1 wifi gateway designed as a shield for the Wemos D1 mini.

There are many shields designs, whether they are made with experimental or factory made PCB’s, I couldn’t find an fully documented version of one, including Gerber files, part lists, CAD files, firmwares, guides and the list goes on.

Therefore my goal is to design one myself with the information I was able to gather and make it public to the crowds, I am aware that the group will be most likely tweakers/makers, that is what I aim for as there are some places where you can buy “tweaker” solutions for a couple bucks, but what is the fun when you can order everything yourself, even for such a simple project :-).