About me

Hi there! I’m David a Hosting professional by day, Homeowner by night, and this is my website. I live in The Netherlands and I like Motorcycling.

Once in a while I have free time on my hands, and in that time I like to create things because I can, although very thoughtful and thought out.

Because of that I created this name, ITTY, it is based of the Linux TTY prepended with a “i”, it makes up for a nice 1 word name which at the same time means extremely small, it fits the purpose perfectly, because that is what ITTY strives to be, extremely small, exclusive and efficient.

The services I provide are not standard, they are made fit for the purpose and elected specifically, only when time constrains allow it so my dedication can be at the right spot at the right time, which is the power of ITTY.

I also write some blog posts now and then, be sure to read them :-).

If you have any questions, proposals, or anything else which you think should pass my eye, feel free to contact me by e-mail or Linkedin you can find both at the bottom of every page.