My homelab infrastructure

Something very easily overlooked is what my homelab looks like, as it mostly just works!

It is a well thought out combination of fit for purpose hardware, without becoming “work”, so while I do have a preference for specific hardware, I still have the freedom to build it differently than I would do at my day job. It consists of the following parts:

  • Netgate SG-4860-1U as a pfSense firewall and router;
  • Juniper Networks EX2200-C-12P for switching, running as a VC (virtual chassis);
  • Unifi NanoHD as WiFi Accesspoins;
  • A small server running Proxmox, built within a Fractal design node 304 case:
    • Intel i7-8700k cpu;
    • 64GB DDR4 Crucial memory;
    • Asus Prime H310I-Plus motherboard;
    • Google Coral m.2 TPU;
    • Sonoff Zigbee dongle P as a Zigbee router for Home Assistant.
  • Flexoptix optics for terminating my fiber internet.

While I like to automate at scale, I tend to like to get hands on at times in which my homelab gives great opportunities to test and try out new things, but also run mission-critical services to support my personal needs.

I monitor my homelab with Zabbix and UptimeRobot, both notify me via Telegram when something goes south.

In Zabbix I created a detailed map which draws out critical network connections and displays their status:

Feel free to reach out to me when you feel the need!