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  • Networking and cloud-init

    Sometimes cloud providers or maybe in your own infrastructure you might find the need to have your default gateway outside of your subnet, for example this is sometimes done by Hetzner and Myloc. The problem is with cloud-init that it doesn’t like it when your gateway is outside your subnet, well, it works with for […]

  • Offsite backups

    I use a NAS to host my own files, using a RAID and snapshots, productivity is somewhat ensured, however, immutable backups is also one of my needs, what if ransomware happens or my house burns down? For that I use Backblaze B2, directly from my QNAP with HBS3, but also trough rclone inside a VM, […]

  • Automating your central heating

    For some time I was looking for a solution to make my boiler “smart” without modifying the thermostat to support OpenTherm. While browsing the interwebz on a lazy Sunday I stumbled upon the EMS-ESP project, which fit my needs perfectly, as it hooks into the EMS bus and talks with the thermostat in the propietary […]