2023 Tech recap

It’s becoming a tradition now I guess :-), another small list of projects I worked on the past year.

  • Consolidated some PowerDNS based nameservers into one, to make administration easier;
  • Migrated a Software VDOM link to NPU VDOM link with minimal downtime;
  • Started working with RIPE;
  • Enabled IPv6 in two Service provider networks;
  • Built a Service provider network based on Juniper, EVPN/VXLAN with the super cool tool called Juniper Apstra;
  • Built a huge Juniper Virtual chassis for a customer;
  • Built a classic out-of-band network;
  • Decommissioned a lot of legacy networks;
  • Replaced live routers running in a virtual chassis with a VRRP set-up without downtime;
  • Consolidated some pfSense firewalls into a Fortigate;
  • Written lots of ansible plays and improved older ones;
  • Enabled IPv6 SSL-VPN and Nameservers;
  • Implemented a couple of HA MariaDB Galera clusters;
  • Designed and built 8 new datacenter racks from scratch, while also switching from copper to fiber, keeping the cables neat;
  • Worked with some great external partners;
  • Paved the way for a good foundation to build a high available Zabbix 6.4 cluster.